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Filtration is a key process and essential process in the purification of Edible oil/Vegetable oil and Biodiesel oil industry. One of the staple cooking mediums in the Indian kitchen, Appu Groundnut Edible Oil/Filtered Edible Oils is a perfect choice for frying.

What are Filtered Oils?

Filtered oils are oils filtered from side to side by strainers or others types of equipment to get rid of the solid particles and contaminants from the oil but no chemicals are used in the process. They are usually dark and cloudy on the exterior and have an irregular seed smell from which they are extracted.

Filtered oils are better than refined ones as they are a reduced amount of processed and treated and therefore have a privileged price of nutrients in them. Refined oils are devoid of beta-carotene, minerals, and vitamin E.

Another advantage of filtered oil is that since they have a physically powerful aroma, they are used in smaller amounts plateful they deal with weight and lipid levels recovered. They also contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals which add to your overall nutrient intake.


Which is the greatest Filtered Oil one can use?

For food preparation for Indian dishes you can use filtered sunflower or safflower oil and for salads, you can opt for filtered olive oil. But keep away from frying foods in this oil as it can change the flavor of the food being fried. If you are unable to find the filtered side of sunflower oil, you can opt for any nut-based filtered oil such as mustard, coconut, groundnut, etc

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