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Kalonji seed oil is also recognized by different names like black seed oil, Black caraway oil, Black cumin seed oil, Black onion seed oil. Kalonji oil manufacturer is identified to avert untimely hair spoil and improves scalp fitness which leads to healthy hair growth. Old tree kalonji oil is 100% pure and compound free. We are the foremost manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of kalonji oil in INDIA. Appu oil is another famed as well as the botanical name of this creation. Natural black cumin Oil repayment is taken by mankind from antique from early times. Kalonji oil is known for its medical properties. Flavor, and fragrance aside, the tiny black seed comes with an entire lot of strength benefits. It contains trace constituents, vitamins, crystalline nigellone, amino acids, siphoning, crude fiber, keeps you healthy. Kachi Ghani has brought you clean and rejuvenating Kalonji Oil.

Benefits of Kalonji Oil:-

  • Helps in the action of high blood pressure & asthma.
  • Decrease high cholesterol.
  • May used to decrease the tissue-damaging effects of radiation that kills cancer cells.
  • Assist in dissolving fats and dilation of veins and arteries.
  • Kalonji Oil proceeds as anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Improves your resistance and helps in fighting deadly viruses.
  • Relieves stress & hypertension.
  • Mainly of the doctors recommend our oil for hair growth.
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