Maximizing on our sophisticated manufacturing and processing unit, we offer excellent quality Mustard Oil to buyers all over India. We produce our Mustard Oil from carefully selected natural mustard seeds. The kachi ghani process (cold process) is used in the production that helps in maintaining its natural oil quality and nutritive properties. We are a renowned Mustard Oil Manufacturer and Supplier from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide our Mustard Oil in properly sealed packaging and at economical prices.

  • Cooking Medium : It is low fat oil as a best cooking medium which makes food tasty and delicious.
  • Used in pickles : Pungent Mustard Oil is also used in pickles as a preservative to maintain its quality and taste 8+7 throughout the year.
  • Ayurvedic medicine : Ayurvedic has accepted pungent Mustard oil as the best massage oil. It is also mixed with other oils & medicines as per requirement and application. Regular body massage of pungent mustard oil gives softness & shining to skin. “APPU MUSTARD OIL” is the best pungent mustard oil.

Brand Name:

100ml , 200 ml, 500ml,1 ltr , 5ltr , 15 kg

Min. Order Quantity:
100 ltr Pack(s)

Delivery Time:
10 Days